Required at Studio 22 for all ages


Barre and floor techniques are taught at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for students age 7 and up with some danceexperience. Students will receive great attention to alignment and proper placement. Ballet presents a foundation for all other forms of dance and is considered a requirement for this reason. Ballet is taught once a week for at least 60 minutes.


Creative Movement / Pre-Ballet

Ages 3-5


Students begin a more formal study of classical ballet through age appropriate skill development, creative expression, music appreciation,and the relationship between music and dance. Creative Movement introduces movement and the basic fundamentals of Ballet. Pre- Ballet focuses on more ballet technique for our new dancers aged 5 or 6. Please note some dancers aged 4 may be placed in the Pre- Ballet classes depending on ability.



Ages 5-6


Pre-Ballet is for students who may or may not have gone through Creative Movement. Pre-Ballet focuses on more ballet technique for ourdancers aged 5 or 6. Please note some dancers aged 4 may be placed in the Pre-Ballet classes depending on ability.


Pointe A / Pointe B

Instructor Approval Only - Starting age at least 13


Pointe is taught by permission only. This class is for students who have completed several years of ballet and have a defined understanding of proper body placement. It will consist of barre and center work designed to build strength and artistry en Pointe. Pointe A is for our Advanced Pointe students. Pointe B is for dancers wanting to start to learn to go en Pointe - per instructor approval. POINTE Is usually a 60 to 75 minute class



Ages 4 and up


Tap is the most rhythmic of dance forms. It is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body, develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and expression. TAP is offered to students age 5 and up. TAP is generally a 30 or 45 minute class.



Ages 5 and up


Jazz is truly the all-American dance form. Jazz has borrowed from all other dance forms to develop a technique all its own. Jazz has the widest variety of musical accompaniment from the classics to sounds of today. JAZZ is offered to students 6 and up. JAZZ is a 30 or 45 or 60 minute class.


Hip Hop Jazz

Ages 8 and up


Hip-Hop Jazz is an urban form of jazz. It is the form of dance that is most associated with music videos today. Hip-Hop is taught to many ages with our younger dancers - taught per instructor approval. Hip-Hop Jazz is generally a 30 or 45 minute class.


Modern / Lyrical

Ages 9 and up


Modern/lyrical dance is taught using the Martha Graham and the Limon, Horton technique of Modern dance. Modern/Lyrical dance is a deep exploration of your muscles and the understanding of how to use them in non-typical body positions. Contemporary Modern/Lyrical is offered to students age 10 and up or per instructor approval. CONTEMPORARY MODERN/LYRICAL is generally a 45 or 60 minute class.