Competition Team Information

Some brief information about the requirements to be a part of our competition team:

Competition team is extra dance on top of the regular dance, and usually rehearsed on one other day during the class week.  We do not know at this time if we will have any summer rehearsals.  If we did, it would only be one day a week.  At the auditions, the dancer will be taught a combination at the studio and will do that for the judges.  The dancers must come in proper dance attire, dance shoes, and hair pulled tightly back from the face.  The team will  rehearse through the dance year and learn numbers for competitions.  We normally do three competitions on three different weekends between middle March and the first weekend of May.  Competitions are usually 1-3 hours away from home.  

All children should be accompanied by their parents over competitions.  Even with the seniors, they sometimes arrived separately from their parents, but parents were still present during the competition days.  Unless there are severe extenuating circumstances (death in family, severe parental illness, etc.) it is unfair to ask the other parents who are working with their children to make difficult costume and makeup changes to take care of another child.  

Competition team members have extra costs associated - off the bat there is a $30 fee per number, that goes to the choreographer; there is a $50 honorarium that goes in the general account for props, supplies, etc.; there is a costume cost, estimated at around $50; and then the competition fees.  For a first time competition member, we limit them to being in one number just to get them acclimated.  Competition entry fees are paid to the competitions and range from $30-$50 per number entered per person per competition.  For a first time competition team member, your cost would be estimated at $275 for the competition season.  

You are still required to take ballet and we require team members to take the class that corresponds with the style of numbers they are doing in competition.  Example - if they are chosen to be in a Jazz number, they are required to take ballet and jazz classes. 

Competition team is not to replace regular dance classes and any excessive absences from regular classes may result in a team member being released from the team.

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